Leader in the Var of new real estate programs

More than 200 real estate projects realized

Promoter & builder

More than 40 years of experience

Jenzi Promotion, a leader in the VAR and referenced in the PACA region, plan and develop new properties to meet the expectations of diverse clientele. Jenzi Promotion is committed to their customers and ensures the best advances in the field of building construction. Properties built by Jenzi lead to the improvement of living spaces, work, and home. With 40 years of experience in building housing, office buildings, commercial areas, schools, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes… Jenzi Promotion excels in the construction of real estate. The wide range of the products proposed covers the requirements of first-time residents, first-time buyers, real estate investors, and seniors.

INVESTING in new real estate

Solutions adapted to the needs of real estate investors.

The Var is a fantastic area for its living environment by the sea, its sunshine, and well-preserved natural environment. The primary residence, rental, and purchase of second homes are great financial investment opportunities in the long term. The diversity of new property developments designed by Jenzi offers customized solutions to real estate investors.

Expert in the construction of real estate programs

Solutions adapted to the needs of families and real estate investors

Jenzi promotion offers housing that meets the concerns of first-time buyers and families at affordable prices: apartments, villa subdivisions, serviced land. Finally, Jenzi promotion is developing an offer of evolutive housing adapted to the new life of seniors (retreats, self-realization…): secured residences, functional apartments, single-storey houses in housing estates, home automation equipment, landscaped gardens and careful landscaping.


create the apartment or the villa of your dreams

The developer Jenzi promotion offers you a unique service. The personalization of your apartment or villa. Walls and floors can be customized according to your desires (paint, wallpaper, tiles, flooring). It’s up to you to create your own atmosphere!
You can choose your electrical diagram. You can define storage spaces adapted to your family, choose your doors, your interior handles, your electric garage door…


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